Sky Ridge Stem Cells Regenerative Centre (Pvt.) Limited. represents DHB Inc. (USA) in Pakistan, which is working under the guide lines of Global Stem Cells Group (USA). Global Stem Cells Group (USA) is a unique international network of medical practices, dedicated to bringing Stem Cell therapies to the patients who need them.

Once a physician joins Global Stem Cells Group (USA), they provide all the training, equipment and support we need to set up, run and market our Stem Cell practice. Each physician in the network of Global Stem Cells Group (USA) is also invited to become a member of our faculty and the Global Stem Cell Foundation, where they can learn and contribute to the world’s growing Stem Cell store of knowledge.


The Global Stem Cells Group, founded in 2012 by Benito Novas, is a group of companies dedicated to Stem Cell research and medicine. Mr. Novas, and entrepreneur, envisioned a world in which Stem Cell research and advancements are made available to as many patients as possible, across the world. He founded the GSCG to achieve that goal and now the company is one of the world’s key players in regenerative medicine.




Physicians at Sky Ridge Stem Cells Regenerative Centre (Pvt.) Limited.  are experts in their fields who wanted to broaden their horizons and embrace Stem Cell treatments as the future of modern and regenerative medicine. Each medical practitioner is dedicated to providing the best treatments and contributing to the global store of knowledge and research. By joining Global Stem Cells Group (USA), they are able to fulfill this mission.


Stem Cell Treatments Available at
Sky Ridge Stem Cells Regenerative Centre (Pvt.) Limited.


Stem cell therapy is the most powerful non-surgical treatment available to repair and regenerate tissue. Stem cell therapy treatment at Sky Ridge Stem Cells Regenerative Centre (Pvt) Ltd. begins with harvesting your body’s own stem cells from your bone marrow during an in-office same-day procedure, and then re-injecting the cells into the region of damage. These cells have the unique ability to differentiate, meaning that they can convert into new healthy cells to replace the damaged tissue.

They also have a dual action to shut down pain and inflammation by releasing various growth factors that neutralize the inflammatory environment in or around the region being treated.

This is why some patients experience noticeable improvement in pain and other symptoms during the first couple of weeks following treatment.

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